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Brunswick Diamondback
Written by Staff Tester   


Diamondback front

The Brunswick Diamondback is Brunswick's first ball with the high-end Activator coverstock, priced inline with their "Price/Performance" balls.

Diamondback Core

My first impression with this ball was the consistent ball reaction brunswick that has been the trademark of bowling's largest manufacturer. Every time you throw this ball, you know what its going to do.

With the economy being tough, Brunswick hit the mark again with a great ball, at a price thats attractive for all Holiday Shoppers.

As always, I tested the Diamondback on 2 different patterns, the first being the typical house shot, and the second on the PBA Scorpion pattern. I picked the Scorpion pattern because of the large volume of oil on the backend.


Ball Test - House Pattern


My initial reaction was that this ball definitely brings back memories of the old Brunswick, with the early hook, great mid-lane read, and a backend that doesn't quit.. It instills a feeling of confidence, as you always know what the ball is going to do when it leaves your hand.

But Make no mistake, this ball does startup early, don't baby it!

I started out playing about 20 and swinging to a breakpoint around 10. I wanted to test how much room this ball gave me, so I played around looping it out to 5, and pulling it in to 15 all from about 20. The ball always recovered when sending it right, but I found I had to play even further left to get the ball down the lane as they broke down.

On the typical house pattern, this ball is ideal for someone who needs an early reaction, or someone with a low track, that doesn't want to lose the backend reaction.

Now on to the Scorpion....


Ball Test - PBA Scorpion Pattern

The scorpion pattern is generally pretty tight, and typically I have to start out playing fairly straight-up the lane. I started out playing the “recommended” line for this pattern, just inside the track, with a breakpoint between 6-10.  One thing this ball did for me was allow me to throw harder.  The earlier reaction helped tremendously on the longer pattern.

Even on the sport pattern, the ball did have alot more recovery than I expected.  The "Rocket Core" that Brunswick uses in this ball definitely stops this ball from quitting on the backend. On ANY lane condition.


When to Use this Ball

Because of the aggressive composition of this ball, it definitely needs some oil. I would recommend this ball for Medium/Heavy to VERY Heavy lane conditions, or on any pattern where you have to play deep inside.

Polishing the ball, tamed the coverstock down slightly, and the ball still maintained its strong backend..



Brunswick has hit the mark with this release, a high-end, professional level core and cover, at a price everyone can afford.

I can see this ball flying off the shelves as christmas presents this year, and their certainly wont be any disappointed recipients.

I would be interested in hearing other comments if you have this ball, what you like and dislike. Comment below!


The Ball


The Bowler


  • Weight: 15#
  • RG: 2.539
  • Diff: .043
  • Coverstock: Activator
  • Cover React: Strong
  • Core React: Strong Arc
  • Pin: 3”



  • Typical Layout
  • Pin: 5 X 5
  • WH: 1” X 1.5
  • Scale: (Zero all around)



  • Bowling Level: Professional
  • Hand: Right
  • Rev Rate: t; High
  • Ball Speed: 17+ MPH
  • Track: Within 1.5”