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How it all Began....

By: Karl Ramonas

I still remember sitting in my buddy Chuck's Pro-Shop in Wisconsin with every manufacturer's ball catalog open in front of me, looking for a couple of balls with a different reaction for my bag

I had books all over the place, sheets falling out, and a pad of paper with cryptic notes and page numbers scribbled on it. I was thinking to myself, there MUST be a better way.

Being a programmer by profession, I went home and spent a week extracting all the ball information from the manufacturer websites, and put it in an excel spreadsheet, this way I could just sort them by RG and Differentials, and find what I was looking for quicker.

That little spreadsheet became quite a hit, friends at the pro-shop were soon looking at it to find equipment for themselves.


Ebonite Mission 2.0
Written by Staff   


Mission 2 front

Ebonite’s Mission 2.0 offers enhanced motion, stronger backend continuation and more striking power than the original Mission. The 2.0 uses the exact Mission 1.0 core of the original Mission, but uses a more aggressive XL1250 coverstock.Overall, with it’s pearl coverstock, the ball does get through the heads easier than the original Mission, with an increased backend reaction.